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For Agro.org – Volunteer network for emergency social I have worked as a consultant for the development of software that allows both the management of data concerning the daily operations of an association of civil protection (intervention management, the staff, the media and trolleys; compilation of cards for Km-Cars); and both the management of data relating to the end of the Company (Materials Management, Support for people etc..).

The software requires a browser to display the data and a DB (supports any type of database) for storage of the same.

Presta Shop

Prestashop is an Open-souce software for E-commerce. In 2010 and in 2011 it won the Open-Source Awards in the category Best Business Application . PrestaShop is developed in PHP and, therefore, to be interpreted and executed requires a PHP engine version higher or equal to 5.2. The data used are stored in a MySQL database. It's strongly recommended a Linux hosting, although you can install the platform on Windows servers and hosting providers must support a Web Server type Apache.

There are many reasons to choose Prestashop as a starting point for your own CMS:

  • Ease of use – The learning curve is very low and it's easy to understand and use all the features provided.
  • Customization – The basic customization options are many and allow you to add a good variety of free addons, modules and templates. Extreme customizations often require the purchase of templates, modules and addons or the skilful hand of a good programmer
  • Community – There are many communinity speaking of it both on official website that internet.
  • There is everything – Everything you need to sell your products, organize the inventory, shipping, tenders, etc. is already present from the first installation.

To get an idea of what is possible with this CMS you can visit this site i created: BuonocoreBorse


In addition to the website you are currently viewing, I had the opportunity to create new ones.

I have collaborated in the development of the following websites (September 2010 - December 2010. For more info click here: Curriculum Vitae) :

I participated in the development of portals for the project Telecom Impresa Semplice. (January 2011 - July 2011 . For more info click here: Curriculum Vitae)

Here are some examples of my websites:

Buonocore Borse

Buonocore Borse. If you want tips for traveling this is the blog for you!


Con.Fi.Ba. Management Control - Accounting and Corporate Finance - Banking and Tax Litigation...

Centro Free Formation

Centro Free Formation - training courses. (Closed project, Site offline)


Psicologo-Pagani. If you need counseling, this is the right person. (Closed project, Site offline)

Sogno In Viaggio

Sognoinviaggio - travel blog. If you want tips for traveling this is the blog for you!

Cerbero Project

In collaboration with D.I.I.I.E. University of Fisciano and Prof. Mario Vento, I attended theCerbero Project: Multi-channel and multi-modal platform for access control . The purpose of the project was to create a prototype of a platform that can automatically identify a person from biometrical dates in a data base. The identification is done through face recognition , fingerprint and voiceprint . I have developed Face Recognition, user interfaces and integrating them into instruments of fingerprint and voice recognition. The programming language used is C++. The development environment is Visual Studio 2008. Specifically for the face recognition have been used OpenCV Intel libraries( OpenCV is a library of computer vision free of charge under open source license BSD . the part about using a fingerprint SDK owner Secugen (manufacturer of sensors for fingerprints .) the SDK is also written in C++. Moreover, for this project I was involved in the writing of all related documents (Public Workshop, Plan test, art History, report with the results of testing etc..).

The project is property of Primeco srl. For more info Click here! or contact me.


As part of the study and the development of applications that take advantage of the libraries OpenCV i developed a little game called Indovina il contorno! (Guess the boundary)
The game consists of, from some sections of the outline of an image, to guess the figure in this box. It's possible to increase the definition of the boundary acting on a bar at the right of the image.
It's possible to download the game from the Download page

Google Maps Api

It is often useful to integrate within your own site, the Google map to highlight geographic areas, trace routes, view a photo at a given point and so on. Here's an example of what you can do with the bees that Google has made available.
On the map you see that you can play with "circles", taht is markups that are often used to highlight a geographical area.
Click to believe!!!
You can view the online documentation By Clicking Here!